Fund established to help Jeffery Hood's sons

By Daniel Silliman


The Clayton County Fire Department is soliciting support for the sons of Jeffery Mark Hood, who died last week in a motorcycle accident.

Hood's sons are Eli, 12, and Noah, 10.

Hood, himself, is the son of the late director of the Clayton County Building and Maintence Department, Donnie Hood, and Pat Hood, a former Central Services employee. He is the nephew of Jeffery Kyle Hood, Sr., the assistant chief of the fire department, and the brother of Brian Hood, a fire department lieutenant.

Fire Department Chief Alex Cohilas said the Hood family has been a pillar in the community, has an extensive record of service, and can use the support of the community "in this time of need."

"I ask for every citizen, employee and elected official of Clayton County, who has been touched by the Hood family, to join me in making a contribution to a trust fund established to help care for Eli and Noah Hood," Cohilas said.

Jeffrey Mark Hood, 37, died on May 28 in Griffin.

According to Ga. State Trooper John McMillian, who responded to the accident, Hood lost control of his motorcycle at about 5:30 p.m., while trying to brake at a four-way stop on South McDonough Road.

"He laid it down and rode it out, but it kind of twisted on him," McMillian said. "He slid 50 feet. He slid into a Chevy Silverado."

According to McMillian, Hood was not speeding. He was riding with a learners' permit, it had rained a little that afternoon, and he may have missed the oncoming stop sign.

The woman driving the Silverado saw Hood lose control of the motorcycle, and stopped her truck, McMillian said. Hood lost his "half lid" helmet, during the accident, and died of massive head trauma, according to the trooper's report.

Hood was pronounced dead on the scene. He died almost exactly three months after his father, Donnie Hood.

"The grief is overwhelming," Cohilas said. "The fire department chaplain is working with the family. Who can bear this burden and loss?"

Jeffery Kyle Hood, Sr., said the boys are doing as well as can be expected.

The family set up a trust fund for Eli and Noah, who live in Barnesville.

Donations can be made to: Eli and Noah Hood, Account #6345458, United Bank, 308 Thomaston Street, P.O. Box 340, Barnesville, Ga., 30204.