Ex-convict arrested on armed robbery charges
Suspect also wanted in South Georgia

By Daniel Silliman


Two months out of prison and 238 miles from home, Jarvis Reddick was ordered out of a hotel shower at gunpoint.

Lying face-down on the bathroom floor, naked, wet and handcuffed, the 27-year-old man, who vowed he had straightened out and would "stay ahead of the Devil," was arrested in the middle of what appears to be a crime spree.

Reddick was released from prison in April, after serving a 10-year sentence for the armed robbery of a Tifton, Ga., bank. On Friday, he was sitting in the Clayton County Jail without bond, on charges of armed robbery.

The Savannah man allegedly walked into Carpet Liquidators, 5168 Highway 85 in Forest Park, wearing a "hat with glitter" and asking "to see some carpet," according to a Clayton County Police report.

He followed the manager, 44-year-old Edwin Mark Nobis, into the back of the store, and put a gun to his head, according to Officer James Dandridge.

Reddick took $290 from the man's wallet, police allege, took his cell phone, tied him up with silver-colored duct tape, and then, rummaged through a desk.

He asked "where the rest of the money was," according to Nobis' statements to police, and Nobis told him there wasn't any money.

When Clayton County Police responded to the scene, officers found a witness who said he saw a man run from the carpet store, across a Denny's parking lot, and into room 428 at the Days Inn. Four officers approached the room Thursday, knocked on the door, and were reportedly let in by an unidentified woman. Reddick was in the shower.

Sgt. Anthony Thuman reported that the wet man "matched the physical description given by the victim" and there was a pile of clothes in the hotel room matching the description of the clothes worn by the armed robber. Nobis allegedly positively identified Reddick as the man who robbed him.

During their search, police found a generic stick-up note, which said the person holding the note was being robbed at gunpoint. They also allegedly found two, semi-automatic handguns -- one of them stolen -- stuffed into a gold purse.

Reddick was charged with armed robbery, theft by receiving and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

A little more than a month ago, Reddick gave a long interview to the Tifton Gazette, telling a senior reporter how he'd just been released from prison, after serving his time, and how he was going to turn his life around with boxing.

Reddick said he'd been involved in gangs, drugs and street crime since he was 10, and gotten caught when he graduated to bank robbery in 1998.

In prison, he told The Tifton Gazette, he'd learned to box and learned that "wrong is wrong ... and you have to stay ahead of the Devil."

Two weeks later, Reddick was reportedly trying to stay ahead of the law, as Tifton Police pursued him on charges of armed robbery and assault.

According to the South Georgia newspaper, Reddick and two others, allegedly robbed Veoliver "Cadillac" Curry, a controversial club owner with a criminal record.

The trio allegedly took money and jewelry from the man, duct-taped his hands behind his back and pounded his head with pistols.

A man and a woman have reportedly been arrested in connection with that incident, and the Tifton Police said they had a warrant for Reddick's arrest late last week.