Woman killed in car accident during storm

By Daniel Silliman


A 56-year-old McDonough woman was killed in a car accident on Sunday.

Vivian D. Clark was driving her white, 2002 Mercedes south on Interstate 675 at 2:30 p.m., while it was raining "somewhat heavy," according to a Clayton County Police Department accident report.

Witnesses said the Mercedes inexplicably veered across the road into oncoming, northbound traffic, and ran head-on into a green, Pontiac Grand Am.

The Mercedes left a 50-foot-long furrow in the grass median, before it went into oncoming traffic.

The 35-year-old Lake City man driving the Grand Am was injured, but the extent of his injuries were unclear Monday. Clark was pronounced dead at the scene.

Woman arrested in alleged

domestic dispute

A 27-year-old woman allegedly stabbed her husband in the leg, Clayton County Police said.

The alleged domestic violence happened a little after midnight on Monday, June 23, at 9220 Grady Drive, in Jonesboro.

At about 12:10 a.m., Clayton County Police responded to find Anthony Cornelius Harley, 28, lying on the sidewalk "on his right side with the left leg of his pants soaked with blood," according to the police report.

Consuella Annette Harley told police her husband had come home late and drunk. They fought and he "started hitting her in the face," she told police, though the officer noted in the report, that there were no signs of injuries.

Anthony Harley reportedly said he came home late, took off his work clothes, tried to walk past his wife in the kitchen, and then, she stabbed him.

The woman was arrested on a charge of aggravated assault.

Nicaraguan killed by car

A 42-year-old man was killed trying to cross the road, Police said.

Marcelino Andrade Escalante, a Nicaraguan living in Riverdale, was reportedly crossing Ga. Highway 85 near Warren Drive at about 10:30 p.m. Friday, when he was hit by a red, 1996 Toyota Camry headed southbound.

Witnesses said Escalante was running across the road. According to the driver of the Camry, the 42-year-old man jumped right before he hit the car and struck the windshield, before bouncing onto the pavement.

The Camry, driven by an 17-year-old Riverdale teen, skidded for 32 feet in an attempt to avoid the man.

Escalante was pronounced dead at Southern Regional Medical Center at 11 p.m. His wife, who lives in Nicaragua, was notified by a man who lived with Escalante.