Police seek pair in home invasion, auto theft

By Daniel Silliman


One man had a Northern accent, one a Southern accent, and both carried black, semiautomatic handguns.

Clayton County Police are looking for the two men in connection with a Tuesday morning home invasion and car theft. Police said the two were described as tall, black men in their 30s, and are wanted on charges of armed robbery, false imprisonment and theft by taking.

Police were called to 10739 James Drive in Jonesboro, at about 2:45 a.m. The residents told police they were awakened about 45 minutes earlier by the armed men.

Brooks C. Moses, 30, said he went to sleep around 1 a.m., and then, an hour later, a man was standing over him, tapping him on the forehead with a black gun. The man allegedly said, "Get up, and you won't get hurt."

Moses was then made to crawl down the hallway of the house, he told police, and herded into the room with 29-year-old Demarcus Smith, who lives at the Jonesboro home, and 22-year-old Dominique Buchanan, of Lithonia.

All three were reportedly awakened while sleeping and ordered to the floor of the back room. Smith said he was sleeping in the room when the two men with guns pulled him off the bed, and Buchanan said she was asleep on the downstairs sofa when a man put a hand over her mouth.

The three, who all work together, said the men then began cutting the power cords off electrical devices in the bedroom and then tied them up and left them in the closet.

According to the police report, "the suspect then asked where was the money. [Moses] advised there was no money, he had only a bank card. The suspect then forced him to give them the pin number of the bank card."

Moses, Smith and Buchanan, tied up in the closet, said they heard the men searching through the house, breaking stuff and taking stuff. They were told to stay in the closet, "count to 200 and don't call the police," according to the police report.

After reportedly waiting until the armed men were gone, the three got free and found their 2004, silver-colored Range Rover was missing, along with a 42-inch plasma TV, a DVD player, some clothing, a two-caret diamond ring, $200 diamond earrings, $60 in cash, and a couple of cell phones.

Police said it was not initially clear if the armed robbers knew the residents of the James Drive house, or if there was any sort of connection between the armed robbers and the three who were awaken on Tuesday morning.

The investigation is ongoing and the department's detectives are following leads.

"Forensic evidence is our best friend in a case like this," said Capt. Greg Dickens, police department spokesman. "The Crime Scene Investigation unit was called to process the scene, and we'll look at all the forensic evidence at the scene and we'll look for the car to turn up."

According to the police report, the one man described as having a Northern accent, had a dark complexion and a black coat. He was said to be about six-foot-two and weigh about 250 pounds. The second suspect was said to have a Southern accent, a light complexion, a gray beard and a gray coat. He was also described as about six-foot-two and 250 pounds. Both men carried guns, and allegedly left the scene in a Land Rover with the license plate number: 958 584 6I.

Anyone with information about the men or the home invasion is asked to call the police tip line at (770) 473-5400.