The work of Arts Clayton

To the editor:

I would like to put a spotlight on a very special program, the Kaleidoscope Summer Arts Camp provided by Arts Clayton.

I expected the children to have the opportunity to do different art projects, but I never expected the quality of the final program. I want to thank Arts Clayton and its wonderful staff. I can't image the hours they spent in planning a program so full of fun for 120 children. What they accomplished in just two weeks was incredible.

My daughter was a teen volunteer this year, and each day, she came home telling me about another wonderful child that she had in her class. On Friday, she carefully pointed out all of the children from her classes.

After the program, she said that we needed to get a DVD of the program. Although the program was terrific, I asked "why," because she wasn't in the performance. She said, "Because those are my kids." This program not only touched the campers, but all those involved.

Kaleidoscope Summer Arts Camp is a perfect example of the great things that can happen when our commissioners and school system work together with Arts Clayton. I hope that our community will continue to work together and support Arts Clayton and help it grow.