Sending the very best - Chester Cook

The Atlanta Airport Atrium is alive with color -- red, orange, yellow, blue, and green.

The colors are emanating from the T-shirt-adorned youths embarking on humanitarian and missionary trips to every conceivable destination in the world.

These youths and their supervising, adult leaders are a part of a new wave of ambassadors from America, taking the very best of our country's soul to humankind around the globe.

These groups of caring youths and adults are journeying into some of the poorest and neediest places. They are taking with them resources to build children's shelters, schools, hospitals, and churches.

They are also working to educate, provide clean water, fight HIV/AIDS infections, and implement a variety of social skills.

Gradually, these groups are helping to improve the well-being of communities around the world as they share the ideals of our great country and spread the love of our people and of God to the world.

In turn, this generation of young people is becoming sensitized to the broader cultural and ideological ways of the world. The experience is educating our youths to the possibilities and challenges of other lands and people.

The number of these excursions is increasing every year. Literally, thousands of individuals are taking faith, hope and love to the people who need it most. These great Americans come from churches, schools, and civic groups.

They also represent America's diverse population. They are truly the beautiful face of America.

I believe this is America at her best. God Bless America and the world.

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Dr. Chester R.Cook