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6-3-08 obituaries

Charles E. Sheats

Applications available for 2008 PACE Awards

By Johnny Jackson

Which way home? - Daniel Silliman

I spent about a year and a half, in college, thinking I wanted to major in political science. The phase passed, but there is one lesson I return to regularly: In the 30s and 40s, many politically astute people thought there were two possible political choices -- Communism, the sort seen in Russia, or Fascism, like that in Italy and Germany.

The lost art of the pick-up game

Summertime always makes me a little bit sentimental.

Oh, the fun you'll have with HDTV - Curt Yeomans

You can find some very interesting things on the new channels you get via High Definition Television (HDTV).

Authority seeking multiple assessments of Gillem

By Daniel Silliman

Infant run over by ice cream truck

By Daniel Silliman

Man allegedly cited 'hard times' during hold-up

By Daniel Silliman

Letter to the Editor

'May God help all of us'