Such a caring community

To the editor:

This is a long overdue thank-you to friends, neighbors and relatives.

In the past year, we had a health problem in our family. The year has been full of doctors and hospitals. So many of you came to our aid, and we thank you.

The flowers you all sent were lovely, and some are planted in our yard.

Now Frank is home, still healing, but doing nicely. Each new day brings a new challenge, and we thank God for each new day we have together.

We have been living among angels and did not know it.



Candidate says she is accessible


To the editor:

I am very disappointed that the Clayton News Daily published a District 6 School Board article ("Concerns create crowded BOE District 6 race"), on June 19, without reaching me. Unfortunately, your reporter allowed a very short response time that conflicted with a medical appointment and a high school extracurricular event.

I am accessible to the media and have been at the forefront of asking for the resignations of the current board members, in print, and on numerous television stations.

I am the candidate who has volunteered in our school system for nearly 16 years. My experience serving as the Church Street Elementary PTA President for multiple years prepares me well in the areas of legislative advocacy, leadership, and with engaging the community in our schools. I am currently a parent-volunteer leader at Jonesboro Middle School and Jonesboro High School. And, I've served on the Charter School Review Committee for our school system.  

  My life experiences, including a strong military background, have blessed me with the discipline and people skills to work effectively with my peers. My priorities are to return and keep this system in good standing with SACS; to hire a permanent Superintendent who will lead our system to greatness; to increase the community's voice in our decision-making; to return discipline and structure to our schools; to ensure our schools are safe, with the necessary resource officers and nursing services; and to fund competitive compensation packages, and reward performance excellence.

Our system must be capable of hiring the most qualified educators and retaining them to prevent the employee turnover that hinders learning. If elected, I intend to work tirelessly for the students of the CCPS, while hearing the community's voice and asking for its assistance in making our system a model of success.

 Anyone with questions, may contact my home number, (770) 473-6520, and I'll return the call after work. I can be e-mailed at, or reached at:


School board candidate