News for Friday, March 14, 2008


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The wonderful fun of old PSAs - Curt Yeomans

Let me preface this column by telling you the idea came from the DVD for a movie about drug use. It seems appropriate to point that out because one of the first examples will seem a little out there.

Crazy runs proud through the South - Rhonda Rich

Not long ago, I was asking a friend of mine, who has a private jet, about his long-time pilot whom I have known fondly for many years and flown with on several occasions.

Man indicted in lover's stabbing death

By Daniel Silliman

Clayton County eighth-graders excel on writing test

By Curt Yeomans

Caught at pawn shop, two charged with burglary

By Daniel Silliman

Obituaries - March 14, 2008

William H. Ballard

Morrow woman's club hosts fashion show

By Joel Hall

Haynes files appeal to reclaim Clayton BOE seat

By Curt Yeomans

It seems like spring

At the very end of what seemed like a very long winter, a brush of better weather has brought budding trees, the smell of flowers and the promise that spring is really only one week away.

$45,737 allegedly charged by thief with similar name

By Daniel Silliman