$45,737 allegedly charged by thief with similar name

By Daniel Silliman


A man named Stephen T. Jenkins has been indicted on charges he stole the identity of Stephen K. Jenkins.

Stephen T. Jenkins, a black, 23-year-old landscaper from Fairburn, Ga., allegedly took the social security number, date of birth and address of a white, 28-year-old Cobb County man, Stephen K. Jenkins.

The younger man allegedly used the information to make a series of big purchases.

On March 25, according to Clayton County Police, the 23-year-old Jenkins forged the name "Stephen Kale Jenkins," pretended to be 28, and bought a 2007 Nissan Titan truck for $38,108.

On April 1, he allegedly repeated the scam. According to court documents filed by the Morrow Police Department, he applied for a Macy's credit card under the name Stephen K. Jenkins and made three purchases in the menswear department. One item cost $383.92. Another cost $369.15. A third cost $255.20. A security camera allegedly caught Stephen T. Jenkins, who is five-foot-nine and 320 pounds, doing the shopping that showed up on Stephen K. Jenkins' credit report.

On April 5, the younger Jenkins went shopping again, according to a filed application for an arrest warrant. He allegedly went to Friedman's Jewlers in Southlake Mall, near the food court, and bought three rings and a bracelet, spending $6,622.

On the credit application, when asked about employment, he reportedly wrote down, "Federal Agent."

Stephen K. Jenkins reported the opening of those accounts to police on April 27, when he received notices in the mail, and knew he hadn't applied for credit at the Clayton County jewelry store or car lot.

The incident was classified as a "stranger-to-stranger" crime. It is not clear, from police reports and court documents, how Stephen T. Jenkins knew of Stephen K. Jenkins, or got his information.

Stephen T. Jenkins has been charged with two counts of first degree forgery, two counts of financial identity fraud, and multiple counts of theft by taking. He was indicted by a Clayton County grand jury Wednesday.

The 24-year-old is in custody and facing a possible sentence of more than 50 years in prison. His trial date has not yet been set.