Caught at pawn shop, two charged with burglary

By Daniel Silliman


Two 24-year-old men have been indicted on charges related to the burglary of a Jonesboro police supply store.

Wesley Allen Johnson and Terry Darnell Davis were caught while trying to pawn a watch and sunglasses at a Riverdale pawn shop, court documents show.

Jonesboro Police reported that watches, sunglasses, bullet-proof vests and a mannequin went missing on Oct. 23 from T&T Uniforms South, after a rock was heaved through the window of the 285 North Main Street store that provides the county's police uniforms.

The value of the stolen merchandise was estimated at about $6,600.

At the pawn shop, though, Johnson was reportedly paid $100 for a $1,000 pair of sunglasses and Davis was reportedly paid $40 for a $650 watch and $40 for three pairs of sunglasses worth $980.

Davis and Johnson were identified by the supply-store owner as the pair seen the day before the smash-and-grab, asking about prices of items that were stolen later.

Johnson is six-foot-six, weighs 210 pounds, and was reportedly wearing a gold grill when he and Davis, six-foot-two, drove up to the police supply store in a burgundy-colored, 1993 Buick Regal. The owner took note of the two men.

The Buick was traced to an apartment complex in Spalding County, according to Jonesboro Police, and one of the stolen body-armor vests was recovered during a Clayton County Police Department drug raid in Jonesboro. Narcotics officers found two grams of marijuana, three grams of cocaine, several loose rounds of ammunition, and the bulletproof vest.

The vest was stuck in the closet, and was probably traded for drugs, police said.

Police are still looking for one Kevlar vest, valued at more than $1,000, and the mannequin stolen from the store.

Johnson and Davis were indicted by a Clayton County grand jury on Wednesday, on charges of theft by receiving, theft by deception, criminal damage and commercial burglary.