It seems like spring

At the very end of what seemed like a very long winter, a brush of better weather has brought budding trees, the smell of flowers and the promise that spring is really only one week away.

According to the Farmers Almanac, spring in the Southeast is supposed to be pretty soggy. The periodical predicts rain, heavy rain, scattered showers, more showers and widespread wet weather in the region between now and May.

Clayton County is seeing a brief break, however, between winter and wet weather, with the sudden surprise of dogwoods and daffodils, pansies and phloxes, silverbells and parsley hawthorne. When spring officially arrives on Thursday, it's supposed to be mostly sunny, a little windy, with the high temperature in the low 60s.

The signs are all here: The heavy coats are gone, and barbecue accessories are going on sale, and people are in the parks in the afternoons. Ahhh, spring!

- Daniel Silliman