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Man found drowns in Forest Park after break-in

By Joel Hall

Clayton County Police are still looking for answers today after a Thursday break-in left one Conley man dead, allegedly from drowning.

On Thursday morning, police found the body of 39-year-old Todd Lopeman in the middle of Lake Murray in Forest Park. Investigators are calling the death of the man, who lived at 1370 Conley Road, a suicide.

Police received a call about a break-in at 4119 Murray Lake Circle around 9:30 a.m. Lopeman allegedly broke into the house at random, after a verbal altercation on Murray Lake Circle with his alleged boyfriend, according to police spokesperson, Sonja Sanchez.

"[Lopeman] ran out of a house, and he was yelling back at his boyfriend that he was 'going to save the world,'" said Sanchez. "Then he ran into a house that was on that street. There was a covered porch, and that's where he made entry."

According to Sanchez, Lopeman lay down on the floor in the covered porch area of the home. When the owner discovered him, the owner asked Lopeman "What are you doing?"

Lopeman responded, "I'm home."

After being confronted by the homeowner, Lopeman "got up calmly with no aggression," exited the house, ran into nearby Lake Murray, and drowned, Sanchez said.

At the time of his death, Lopeman was wearing black sweat pants, a black shirt, and black-and-white sneakers.

Police said they are still sorting out the bizarre incident and are trying to figure out what motivated and/or contributed to it.

While they would not confirm the boyfriend's name or address, they did confirm that the boyfriend was present when the verbal altercation took place on Murray Lake Circle.

As of Thursday evening, an official report of the incident had not been released by the Clayton County Police Department. Sanchez said as more clues are revealed, detectives will determine whether an autopsy is necessary.