BOE hopefuls, others qualify for July 15 primary
Key county incumbents face opposition

By Joel Hall


The period for qualifying for elective office in Clayton County ended Friday, and public attention is sure to focus sharply on the races for sheriff, the Clayton County Commission Chairman's seat and on seats on the board of education, which has suffered almost universal criticism over the last few months as a threatened loss of accreditation looms over the school system.

State and local leaders, members of the community, parents and students have made repeated -- and often heated -- calls for all nine members of the school board to resign in the wake of a Southern Associaition of Colleges and Schools' investigative report that called the board "dysfunctional," and accused some of its members of unethical and detrimental conduct.

Voters can go to the polls July 15, during the general primary election, and determine who will occupy seven of the nine seats. Two incumbents are seeking re-election, three did not qualify to run again, and two have resigned.

Also, the primary will feature five candidates vying for the chairmanship of the Clayton County Board of Commissioners; six running for sheriff, and strong challenges to incumbent District Attorney Jewel Scott.

Candidates who have qualified for the July 15 primary elections for various offices in Clayton County are listed below:

State House of Representatives

House District 60 - Georganna T. Sinkfield (D) (incumbent-unopposed), 65, real estate agent, Atlanta.

House District 62 - Joe Heckstall (D) (incumbent-unopposed), 61, motivational speaker, East Point.

House District 74 - Roberta Abdul-Salaam (D) (incumbent-unopposed), 52, community advocate/paralegal, Riverdale.

House District 75 - Celeste Johnson (D) (incumbent), 34, teacher, Jonesboro; Ray Johnson (D), 64, retired business owner, Lake City; Yasmin Neal (D), 23, police officer, Jonesboro.

House District 76 - Mike Glanton (D) (incumbent), 50, minister/consultant, Jonesboro; Bob Hartley (D), 40, business owner, Morrow.

House District 77 - Darryl Jordan (D) (incumbent-unopposed), 53, retired educator, Riverdale.

House District 78 - Glenn Baker (D), 61, retired Georgia Power employee, Jonesboro; Shegale Crute-Ralph (D), 40, consultant, Jonesboro; Jonathan Newton (D), 35, Clayton County Sheriff's Department spokesperson, Jonesboro; Cornelius Lindsey (D), 21, executive administrative assistant, Hampton; John Walker, Jr., (D), 42, educator, Jonesboro.

State Senate

Senate District 34 - Valencia Seay (D) (incumbent), 54, legislator/businesswoman, Riverdale; Stephanie Campbell (D), 49, accountant technician, Riverdale.

Senate District 44 - Gail Davenport (D) (incumbent), 59, real estate agent, Jonesboro; DeMont Davis (D), 46, information technology consultant, Morrow; Gail Buckner (D), 57, marketer/former State Representative, Morrow; Artansa Snell (D), 47, real estate agent, Jonesboro.

Clayton County Board of Commissioners

Board of Commissioners Chairman - Eldrin Bell (D) (incumbent), 73, Jonesboro; Earl Randall (D), 50, self-employed/former chief of staff at the District Attorney's Office, Morrow; Lee Scott (D), 59, business executive, Jonesboro; Virginia Gray (D), 63, BOC District 2 commissioner, Riverdale; Phaedra Graham (D), 43, educator/former mayor, Riverdale.

District 2 - Gail Hambrick (D), 58, retired state employee, Riverdale; Lawrence Ethridge (D), 40, major, Clayton County Sheriff's Department, Riverdale; Danny Hayes (D), 48, health and fitness instructor, Morrow; C. Wesley Meadows (D), 59, lawyer, College Park.

District 3 -Wole Ralph (D) (incumbent), 30, non-profit executive director and BOC member, Hampton; Ronald Ringer (D), 52, Delta Global Services employee, Jonesboro; Michael Bryant (D), 38, commercial general contractor, Fayetteville; Angela Redding (D), 42, management analyst for Forest Park, Hampton.

Tax Commissioner - Terry Baskin (D) (incumbent-unopposed), 50, current tax commissioner, Jonesboro.

District Attorney - Jewel Scott (D) (incumbent), 47, Jonesboro; Tracy Graham-Lawson (D), 49, judge, Jonesboro; Herbert Adams (D), 48, attorney, Riverdale.

Sheriff - Victor Hill (D) (incumbent), 43, Riverdale; Jack Rainwater (R), 58, private security account manager, Jonesboro; Sherman Lemon (D), 53, Clayton County Police major, Rex; Garland Watkins (D), 45, Clayton County Police lieutenant/former Sheriff's Department lieutenant, Jonesboro; Ernest Strozier (D), 47, Clayton County Police lieutenant, Rex; Kem Kimbrough (D), 36, attorney, Jonesboro.

Probate Court Judge - Pam Ferguson (D) (incumbent-unopposed), 44, probate court judge, Jonesboro.

Clerk of Court - Linda Miller (D) (incumbent), 56, Superior Court Clerk, Jonesboro; Tony Antoine (D), 67, retired project manager with Delta, Riverdale; Michelle Thomas (D), 39 legal analyst, Jonesboro.

Solicitor General - Leslie Miller-Terry (D) (incumbent), 48, current solicitor general, Riverdale; Tosha Mosley (D), 37, lawyer, Hampton.

Magistrate Court Judge: Daphne Walker (D) (incumbent-unopposed), 36, current chief magistrate court judge, Fayetteville.

Clayton County Board of Education

District 2 - Lois Baines-Hunter (D) (incumbent), 53, registered records administrator, Jonesboro; Della Ashley (R), 46, former registered nurse/homemaker, Jonesboro; Latacher Prayor (D), 37, senior human resource representative, Riverdale; Colette Larkins (D), 57, bank encoder, Riverdale; Andre Glover (D), 43, finance director, Riverdale; Lindsey McDaniel (D) 43, instructional designer, Riverdale; Wanda Smith (D), 52, MARTA employee, Riverdale.

District 3 - Charles Davis (D), 59, retired Atlanta Public Schools employee, Riverdale; Jessie Goree (D), 53, educator, Riverdale; Blondie Perry-Christian (D), 59, retired research manager, Riverdale; Tammie Hardy (D), 35, financial analyst, Riverdale; Marty Hardy (D) (not related to Tammie Hardy), 52, Sherwin-Williams employee, Riverdale.

District 5 - Diana Nicholson (R), 33, former school teacher/homemaker; Ophelia Burroughs (D), 57, retired teacher, Riverdale; Basil Lue (D), 75, contractor, Jonesboro; Jennifer Talley (D), 37, social worker, Riverdale; Trina Morris (D), 37, medical education coordinator, Jonesboro; Phyllis Moore (D), 43, cosmetologist, Jonesboro.

District 6 - Mary Baker (D), 43, preschool teacher, Jonesboro; Vernetta Reeves (D), 46, administrative assistant, Jonesboro; Glenn Dowell (D), 61, educator/consultant, Jonesboro; Mable Swaby (D), 61, retired educator, Jonesboro; William Hill (D), 39, executive director of New Birth South Community Impact Center, Jonesboro; John Askew (D), 63, retired, Jonesboro; Robert Green (D), 55, retired U.S. Navy, Riverdale; James Stanley (D), 61, accountant, Jonesboro.

District 7 - David Ashe (D), (incumbent) 62, retired psychologist, Jonesboro; Trinia Garrett (D), 35, cosmetologist/Putting the Past Behind Us Wish Foundation co-founder, Lake City; C. Denese Sampson (D), 40, legislative assistant, Morrow.

School Board (non-partisan special election)

District 4 - Milton Mack, Jr., (D), 58, retired U.S. Army, Forest Park; Deverick Williams (D), 39, Atlantic Southeast Airlines employee, Forest Park.

District 8 - Edward Rigdon (D), 49, college professor, Conley; Alieka Anderson (D), 34, educator, Ellenwood; Michael King (D), 54, attorney, College Park.

Qualifying for non-partisan judicial elections -- to determine two Superior Court judges and three State Court judges -- will take place the week of June 23-27.