Woman shot in the leg

By Daniel Silliman


A 23-year old College Park woman was shot in the leg, but told police she didn't know how, or why.

Starrsha Shantae Bryant went to Shell Food Mart at 5647 Riverdale Road, on Wednesday, accompanied by her boyfriend at 9 p.m. He went inside the College Park store, and she stayed out by the car.

When the boyfriend returned, Bryant said she "felt a painful burning in her leg," according to a Clayton County Police report, and the boyfriend saw she was bleeding.

The bullet apparently entered the front side of her right knee, and exited out the back of her calf, according to the police.

Bryant told police she did not see a muzzle flash, or hear a gunshot. She was described, in the police report, as "very vague and uncooperative."

Panhandle Place shoot-out

A 53-year-old landlord was shot at when he told two young teenagers to stay away from his Hampton rental property, Clayton County Police said.

Charles Edward King, of Fayetteville, told Clayton County Police he had run the two juveniles away from his 446 Panhandle Place property a couple of times, and when he saw them walking toward the location at about 1:30 a.m., on Thursday, he told them to stop. Then, one shot at him twice. One bullet smashed into the garage door.

Armand L. Davidson, the 24-year-old, who lives in the house, responded to the gunfire with shots of his own. According to the police report, Davidson pulled out his .45-caliber Tarus pistol and fired eight shots at the juveniles, who ran away.

Davidson said he shot in self-defense and he showed the police his concealed-carry permit. The police department added heavy patrols through the area for the rest of the morning shift.

Senior assaulted, robbed in front of wife, great-grandchild

A 64-year-old Conley man was hit in the head with a .38-caliber revolver and robbed of $300.

A young man, described as a clean-shaved black male in his early 20s, came into James Day's Conley Home at 4090 Elizabeth Park Court, a little after 9 p.m., on Wednesday. The man said, "Give me all your money, Pop!" according to the police report.

He then grabbed the hair of Sarah Day, James Day's wife, pointed the pistol at her, and repeated his demand.

The man took the money, hit James Day with the butt of his gun, and ran away.

The couple's great-grandchild, a juvenile, sat on the living room couch and watched television during the home invasion and armed robbery.

Eight kilos of cocaine seized from Tara Boulevard mobile home

Clayton County Police narcotics officers seized eight kilograms of suspected cocaine, one ounce of suspected crack cocaine, and a half pound of suspected marijuana from a Jonesboro mobile home, according to police reports.

Executing a search warrant in the Tara Mobile Home Park, at 7735 Tara Blvd., lot S-2, at about 5 p.m., on Wednesday, the police arrested three people: Alicia M. Lara, 19, Pedro Manuel Ramos, 21, and Juan Gabriel Ramos, 25. All three were charged with trafficking cocaine and felony possession of marijuana.

Police also seized a 9 mm handgun, a 2000 Chevy Impala and a 1994 Dodge Ram.

Pizza driver hit with hammer

A Pizza Hut delivery driver was hit on the head with a hammer, and robbed of $25, and a $10 pizza.

Jamario L. Kendrick, a 28-year-old Jonesboro man, delivered a pizza Tuesday to the Riverdale address of 6436 Tuxedo Trail, at about 3 p.m. When he got to the door, no one answered, and then two men walked up and asked for the pizza, Kendrick told the Clayton County Police.

He gave them the pizza and then someone hit him from behind with a hammer and said, "You know what it is. Give me the money. He was then hit in the head a second time.

Using the description given by the pizza delivery driver, and the description of a witness to the assault, Clayton County police found the three men at a B.P. Gas Station on Upper Riverdale Road near Arrowhead Boulevard, at about 5 p.m., according to police reports.

One of the three lived at the address where the assault occurred and all three matched the descriptions given by the delivery driver.

The three -- Johnquel Biggins, 19, Issac Henry Colliers, 17, and Demetrius Rufus Collins, 20, all of Riverdale -- said they were going to the B.P. for cigarettes and Black & Mild cigars, and said they knew nothing of the armed robbery.

Biggins said they were "chilling and playing a video game," according to the police report, and Collier said he and his "home boys" were going for a walk when "the police came up and accused them of a robbery."

The three were all positively identified by Kendrick, and were arrested on charges of armed robbery.

Anyone with information about these crimes, or tips about other crimes, is asked to call the Clayton County Police Department .