Amazing things happen when CP3
is on the floor

Throughout the season, the NBA has been pumping a colorful slogan with various images and players uttering the phrase, "Where amazing happens" promoting the unpredictable sequences that often take place on the court.

While this is a deserving label to describe intensity on a nightly basis, for me, this motto is clearly for one person who has amazingly taken the world by storm.

Amazing might be an understatement in regards of his performance, but New Orleans Hornets point guard Chris Paul is the living truth and has gone well beyond the simple adjective used in the league's commercial spots.

In just his third year in the pros, Paul has separated himself from the field to become the best point guard in the NBA. His hawk-like eyes, cheetah-type speed and ram-like strength led to his 21.1 points, along with a league- leading 11.6 assists and 2.71 steals per game. He recorded 56 double doubles, which ranks him second to Dwight Howard, and fourth amongst point guards with 4.0 rebounds on the season.

He is the undisputed leader of his team and guided the Hornets to a franchise best 55-23 record.

New Orleans also won the stocked Southwest Division title, beating out the Houston Rockets, who, at one point, won 22-straight games, the Dallas Mavericks, which appeared in the 2006 NBA Finals and the defending world champion San Antonio Spurs.

However, with so many amazing accomplishments, he finished second behind Kobe Bryant in the MVP voting.

I currently don't have a vote to cast for the league's top award, but if I did, I'd surely stuff the ballot box with CP3's name written in bold letters.

While there's no arguing that Kobe is the best player on the planet, Paul provided the most value for his team.

During the preseason, everyone knew as long as Kobe was in uniform, the Lakers were bound for the playoffs. We just didn't expect them to win their division and clinch the top seed in the Western Conference.

However, no one had New Orleans winning a division title, let alone making a playoff appearance.

Paul and his mates have continued to exceed expectations by mopping up the floor with Dallas in the first round as well as holding a 2-0 lead over San Antonio in the conference semifinals.

These two clubs were praised as playoff-tested teams, but in his inaugural postseason tournament, Paul looks like a man with multiple championship rings decorated across his hand.

He's partook of a grand total of seven playoff games, yet his numbers have increased to 24.3 points, 12.1 assists and 4.9 rebounds each time he suits up for competition.

Because of everything he's done this spring, Paul is being compared to legendary guards and labeled the next Oscar Robinson, Isiah Thomas or Jason Kidd, a player of whom he whipped up on in the first round like he talked about his mother.

However, I say Chris Paul is the next Chris Paul.

He sees the smallest holes on the floor that would require a microscope for clear view, yet he threads the needle like a seamstress and sews up assists like an Armani suit.

He's strong enough to bang down low if necessary and it's obvious that he's not phased by the uncharted waters of the NBA playoffs.

All year long, I've been yapping that the Spurs were going to repeat as champions, but like many politicians, I've flip-flopped on my statement and I'm pulling for Paul to dish out an assist by passing the Larry O'Brien Trophy to his teammates in June.

I'm just a grateful fan who's blessed to witness and appreciate where true amazement happens.

Rory Sharrock is a sports writer for the Clayton News Daily and Henry Daily Herald. His column runs every Thursday. He can be reached at rsharrock@news-daily.com.