Jonesboro woman bitten for $25

By Joel Hall


In the early hours of Saturday morning, a Riverdale man was robbed at gunpoint by three men while sitting on his own porch.

At around 1 a.m., Gerardo Ricardez, 30, was approached by three black males, one of whom was armed with what appeared to be a 9 mm handgun, according to the Clayton County Police incident report.

The men shouted obscenities at Ricardez, demanded his money, and forced their way into his home on Summit Lane in Riverdale. Upon discovering he had no money, the perpetrators took Ricardez' BlackBerry cell phone.

The three robbers left the home on foot, heading westbound on Treasure Drive. All were wearing white T-shirts and blue jeans. One had dread-locked hair, one wore a "doo-rag," and the other wore a red baseball cap.

According to the report, Ricardez said the robbery was one of a string of robberies, which have been occurring in the Chateau Riverdale subdivision every Friday and Saturday night.

Later that morning -- around 4 a.m. -- a Jonesboro woman was the victim of a bizarre robbery in which a male attacker savagely bit her hand, sending her to the hospital.

Lucy Griffin, 50, of Jonesboro, was walking through a path in front of the Legacy at Mount Zion apartment complex. In her right hand, she was carrying a $20 bill and a $5 bill, in order to run an errand.

While walking, she was approached from behind by a black male in his late 20s. The man demanded the money Griffin was carrying. When Griffin refused, the man resorted to biting the woman's right hand, leaving wounds to her thumb, index, middle and pinkie fingers. The man took Griffin's money and left.

Griffin was taken to Southern Regional Medical Center around 5 a.m., where she was treated for her injuries. She described the attacker as wearing a white T-shirt "with some design on the front and unknown color pants," according to the police report. Griffin said she didn't know the man, but may have seen him before around The Budget Inn on Tara Boulevard.

Anyone with information, should contact the Clayton County Police Department at (770) 477-3550.