Riverdale school celebrates with the community

The field next to Riverdale Elementary School teemed with people laughing, playing games, jumping up and down, or vying for cakes on Friday evening.

It was the school's second annual Spring Fling celebration, an event designed to bring the community together for a night of family fun and games, while earning a bit of money to purchase supplies for students.

The event, like fall festivals, held every season for more than 20 years, only makes a modest average earning of $1,100, but school officials insist it's more about the community than the school.

"Everyone enjoyed the fall festival so much, they started asking for a spring event as well, and that's why we started Spring Fling," said Sherry Davenport, the school's Parent-Teacher Organization president and the Spring Fling co-coordinator

The event included face-painting, a fun-slide, two moonwalks, horseback rides, lots of games, and a cake walk. Administrators at the school estimated that nearly 400 students and their families attended the event this year.

"It's an excellent way to bring the community together," said April Madden, Riverdale Elementary's principal. "The kids look forward to it. The parents look forward to it, and the staff looks forward to it.

"We hold it around Cinco de Mayo to honor our Hispanic students."

- Curt Yeomans