Atlanta officer to face grand jury, rape indictment

By Daniel Silliman


The charges against an Atlanta Police officer accused of raping his neighbor have been bound over, to be presented to a grand jury for indictment.

Edward L. Rabb, a 27-year-old member of the elite Red Dog Unit, was arrested on April 30 and charged with rape and sodomy. After a hearing Thursday morning, a county Magistrate Court judge ruled there was probable cause to arrest Rabb and bound the case over to Superior Court.

At the hearing, Rabb's attorney questioned whether the sexual encounter was really rape, asking the Clayton County Police detective if it wasn't rare for a rape victim to be raped in multiple ways.

Police and prosecutors maintain, though, the officer raped his Rex neighbor. During an interview with detectives, the accused officer allegedly admitted the woman said, "no," when he put his hand under her shirt, but he said he ignored her because she was "shy," and had "low self-esteem."

Detectives asked Rabb, according to a warrant application filed at the court, if he didn't think it was unusual -- and unbelievable -- that a woman would say "no" at being touched and then, minutes later, go into a man's bedroom for sex.

Rabb reportedly didn't have an answer to the question.

Documents filed with the court also show the woman, who is not being named because of the nature of the alleged crime, had recently ended a relationship with her boyfriend because she is "very religious," and refused to engage in certain sex acts, including those Rabb claims she consented to.

The woman told police she went to Rabb's house to take a shower, because hers was broken. Rabb invited her to watch a movie and she sat down next to him, to be polite, but Rabb allegedly was more interested in touching her than in watching the Denzel Washington DVD.

The woman told police Rabb raped and sodomized her while holding her down on his bed "as if he was trying to arrest her," twisting one arm behind her back and pushing her face down. Rabb allegedly said that "this is what she needed, and what she liked, and that he did not want to hear her whining, because that is what he hears all day from people at work," according to the police report.

Rabb has a bond hearing scheduled for Friday morning.

His is the second case of a police officer charged with rape in Clayton County in April.

Kenneth Schmidt, a 38-year-old, now-former Forest Park police officer, is charged with raping a woman after pulling her over and giving her a traffic ticket on April 6. Schmidt, a Senoia man, allegedly took the woman to an abandoned parking lot, called her an offensive- and racially-charged name, raped her, and promised he would be back later.

Schmidt's attorney, like Rabb's, argues there was a sexual encounter, but it was consensual.