Mock trial team now in the Congressional Record

By Curt Yeomans


A century from now, historians studying the U.S. Congressional Record, will read about the war in Iraq, the state of the economy and the Jonesboro High School Mock Trial team winning back-to-back national championships.

The Congressional Record contains all of the debates and proceedings of the United States Congress, going back to 1873. On May 20, Vol. 154, No. 83 showed Congressman David Scott (D-Ga.) had a page inserted into the record congratulating the team on its win at the National Mock Trial Competition on May 10 in Wilmington, Del.

The names of each member of the team, and all of the coaches, are now listed in the record, and will remain there so future generations of high school students will be able to find out what Jonesboro was able to accomplish.

"The Jonesboro Mock Trial team represents some of the best and brightest of Clayton County students," Scott read into the record. "I want to take a moment to recognize the aspiring lawyers, the honor students and the Eagle Scout candidates who comprise this winning team."

In a statement, Scott said he read the recognition into the record because he is proud of the team's accomplishments. Jonesboro has won more state mock trial championships than any other school in Georgia. It is one of only two schools to ever win more than one national mock trial championship.

Scott also read into the record his hope that the team competes in the 2009 national mock trial competition, which will be held in Atlanta. No school has ever won three national championships in mock trial.

"I am also so very proud that the hard-work and commitment of these fifteen students is representing the talents and tenacity of the students in Clayton County that we witness in our kids everyday," said Scott in his statement. "These students clearly have bright futures ahead of them and I, like many others throughout Clayton County, will be cheering for them next year as they aim to make mock trial history by becoming the first school to win three national championships."

Scott will present certificates of Special Congressional Recognition to each member of the team at a later date, in honor of their accomplishments. The team will be recognized locally on Saturday with a parade, which will begin at 10 a.m., at the Historic Courthouse in Jonesboro, make its way down McDonough Road and end at the high school.