Missing a goat? The police have it

By Daniel Silliman


The police don't know where he's from, they don't know where he was going, and he's not talking.

Officials don't even know his name, so on the paperwork, they just put down the known facts: Adult male goat, with a brown coat.

"They tried to interrogate him two or three times," said Officer Tim Owens, Clayton County Police Department spokesman. "But he just wouldn't talk."

Animal Control officers picked up the animal Thursday afternoon, near 3040 Menlow Way, in Rex.

He wasn't wearing any sort of collar or dragging a broken rope, Owens said, "he was just wandering up the street."

Officers reportedly went through the area looking for a house with a goat pen or other livestock, to see if they could find the animal's home, but were unsuccessful.

In more rural parts of Georgia, goats are a common sight. They're kept around to keep down the kudzu and eat other weeds. In the northern part of Clayton County, though, there's not really any livestock to be seen.

Out in front of Animal Control, behind police headquarters in Jonesboro, the goat was a weird enough sight to cause some people to stop and ask what happened to the regular guys who used to mow the lawn.

When a Clayton News Daily reporter asked about the animal, Owens suggested the newspaper really needed a mascot.

"He is available for adoption for $25," the officer said. "So far, nobody has called and said their goat is missing, and we've got their goat."

Animal Contol plans to keep the animal for a time, to see if someone does come to collect him, or if someone wants to take him for a fee.

If no one calls for the nameless goat, though, the department will donate him to Noah's Ark Animal Rehabilitation Center in Locust Grove.

Animal Control can be reached at (770) 477-3789.