Chick-fil-A holds food drive for local church

Employees at the Chick-fil-A Dwarf House in Forest Park are asking the community to dig into their pantries and dig out any spare canned food items, which they can give to people who can't afford food for Thanksgiving.

The restaurant, located at 4959 Jonesboro Road, in Forest Park, will hold a canned food drive from Tuesday until Monday, Nov. 24, for the Lighthouse Ministries food pantry at First Baptist Church of Forest Park.

The ministry will distribute the food to people who cannot afford a meal during the holidays.

Two, 3-foot tall boxes, decorated in autumn colors with leaves and turkeys on them, will be placed at the restaurant, one by the hostess stand, and another by the drive-thru window, to collect the canned food items.

Sandy Swinson, the unit marketing director for the restaurant and coordinator for the food drive, said she would like to get enough donations to fill five boxes, though.

"If you have it, everybody can afford to donate a few cans," said Swinson. "If we all contribute a couple of cans from our own pantries, then the church's pantry will have more than enough to help those who need it."

Swinson said the canned food drive is important this year because the nation is gripped in economic fears as people lose their jobs and the threat of a recession looms on the horizon.

The food drive's coordinator said she expects more people will need food this year because of increasing unemployment rates.

"It's people who thought they had job security who are losing their jobs," said Swinson.