Pets of the Week - Nov. 13, 2008

Special photos

Finnegan is a 2 year old Finnish Spitz/Schipperke mix. He has been neutered and all vaccinations are current. This absolutely WONDERFUL little dog was left behind, as if he were nothing better than unwanted trash, when a family was evicted from their home. We also suspect that prior to being illegally abandoned, Finnegan was likely physically mistreated; as he cowers when anyone tries to approach him. He shows absolutely no fear aggression, just total submission. When found, he was suffering from a very painful eye condition, but CCHS immediately sought the needed surgery to give him relief. He is currently recovering from his neuter and eye surgery, but he is doing well and should make a full recovery very quickly. Finnegan is a sweet, gentle little dog, but he is so very terrified at the CCHS shelter. He needs to be in a quiet, calm home, with people who will love him and treat him gently and kindly. He clearly wants affection, and he accepts it from staff and volunteers at the shelter, but he is very obviously frightened and uncomfortable. Finnegan wants to spend the upcoming holiday season in a real home, with a real family. If you can help make this happen, please call Clayton County Humane Society at 770/471-9436. Visit www.claytoncountyhumane.org to see other animals available for adoption.

This adorable little family is in urgent need of help! These kittens were born to a stray mom, who decided to make her "delivery room" under the home of a CCHS supporter. As soon as they were found, the kittens were moved to the porch of our "good Samaritan", but with cold weather now at hand, the kittens urgently need to be in a safe, warm home. There is currently NO SPACE available at the CCHS shelter, so homes for the kittens are needed immediately. They have been handled by their "foster family" so they are tame and very friendly. They are eating on their own and all know how to use a litter box. The two black and white kittens are females, and the lighter ones are both males. They are approximately two months old. These kittens will be fully vetted prior to adoption. It will not be a requirement, but it would be great if these babies could be adopted in pairs. Anyone interested in adopting any of these kittens should call Robin at 770/478-7531.