The real 'change' America needs - James C. Bell

In this election year, we have heard so much from all candidates about how America needs change, and if we will just vote for them, they will bring about all the new promises of various things that will keep our country strong financially, militarily and socially.

Sound familiar? Yes, we have heard these promises, election after election, year after year, and still, we see very little real change. Could it be that the faces and names of politicians change and there are outward changes, but still, there is really no change in their hearts or their consciences?

Oh, they are aware of right and wrong, but it's usually what is right for them and what's wrong with their opponents, and with little regard for their constituents.

The real change America needs desperately is a change in the hearts of her people. America needs to return to God!

We need a national revival all over our country, a return to the teachings of His Holy Word-the Bible. We need to learn anew that God should be first in our lives, that all should honor the Ten Commandments and the teachings of Jesus Christ.

He taught that we should love the Lord our God with all our heart, our mind and our soul, and we should love our neighbor as our selves. We must learn again how to live our lives by following these commandments and the teachings of the Bible.

If we the people could return to the Lord with sincerity in our hearts and truly live in a manner pleasing to Him, then we would see real change in our lives and in our country!

We would see our politicians represent the people and not themselves and their party. They would seek to cooperate and work together in our Congress, instead of fighting and disagreeing all the time. Their motives would be based on doing right for the people and not on greed and a "what's in it for me" attitude.

They would be able to solve the great problems of our time and restore our government to trustworthiness, to a government of the people, for the people and by the people. They would balance the national budget and see that spending would be kept to what we could afford.

They would pay off the national debt we owe and reduce taxes to the lowest possible level for everyone. They would restore confidence in our government in the minds of all our people and gain the respect of all nations.

Our leaders would conduct their lives and their service to this nation in ways that would restore their own integrity, and restore the respect and confidence of the American people.

Our people would change also. We would all repent of our sin, asking our great God to forgive our wrong, our terrible treatment of our brothers and to teach us to live according to His Word. We would see great change in our country. The crime rate would decrease dramatically, along with our jail population as we learned to love our neighbor and seek good for all men.

We would have an honest population, who cared for the rights of others and insisted on justice for all. We would learn to care for the needs of our brothers, and insure there was a job, an honest occupation for every person. We would fill our churches to overflowing and have multiple services every Sunday.

Our homes would, again, be the true stability of our nation; divorce rates would fall drastically as mothers and fathers realized their children needed both parents to love and raise them properly.

Our schools would be strong, with parents and teachers working closely together to educate our children, not only in the three "R's" but also in the golden rule-"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." Discipline would be established in homes and schools. Respect for authority would be restored and faith and trust in God would be the desired goal of every person.

Personal integrity would be greatly admired and considered most desirable in every person's life. Our great and mighty God would be worshiped and praised and given honor and glory!

We would once again truly be the Christian nation we once were.

In this humble mind, these are some of the real changes America needs, and they are within our reach, as we believe in God and trust in Him.

I pray our great God will bless America as we turn to Him for forgiveness and guidance.