Yorkie owner rejoices over pet's return

By Jason A. Smith


The owner of a dog, who was reported missing last week in Hampton, says she is ecstatic to have her pride and joy back home safely.

Kathrine Osborne-Lee's 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, named Buffy, was returned to her Saturday. The dog was reportedly taken from Lee's front yard while her disabled husband, Gary, watched from inside the house. Buffy is reportedly the latest in a number of cases involving the disappearance of a Yorkie.

When Buffy went missing, the Lees notified the Henry County Police Department, and spent the next five days fearing what had happened to her. Their sorrow turned to joy with one phone call.

"A young lady called my house, and told me she had found Buffy," says Osborne-Lee. "I just screamed."

The dog owner arranged to meet the girl's family, at which point she discovered Buffy had picked up a stowaway in her time away from home.

"The girl said they had to take her to the vet, because Buffy had a tick and they had to get it off her," explains Osborne-Lee.

Lee expressed gratitude for the prayers and well wishes she has received from members of the community since the dog's disappearance. She says she is "praying" for the owners of other lost Yorkies in Henry to have their dogs brought back to them.

Osborne-Lee plans to take measures to protect Buffy in the future, by having a locator chip placed under the dog's skin.