Reward offered in unsolved murder

By Daniel Silliman


Seeking leads, almost a month after the murder, the victim's family and an organization that assists in gathering crime-solving information, are offering a $4,000 reward for information in the shooting of Geetha Huggins.

The Jonesboro woman's family and Crime Stoppers Atlanta are each offering $2,000 for information, and asking people to call.

"They're asking anyone who knows anything to please step forward," said Lt. Rebecca Brown, spokeswoman for the Clayton County Police Department.

Huggins, 39, was shot to death in her home at 603 Rosewood Circle, in Jonesboro, on Oct. 26. Initially, it seemed like she was killed during a robbery gone wrong.

Huggins reportedly called her sister, Vita Norwood, and said she'd been shot in the arm and the leg by a male in a hoodie. Now, investigators think that might have been misinformation meant to protect someone Huggins' cared about.

"People do strange things to protect folks," Brown said. "It may have been, there was someone she didn't want to get in trouble. The detectives suspect it was someone she possibly knew. She was probably thinking, 'I'll be OK. It'll be OK.'"

When Huggins called her sister, at about 10:40 p.m., she said she was shot in the arm and the leg, but a bullet also hit her in the stomach. She died from that wound, overnight, at Atlanta Medical Center.

Initially, detectives investigating were working from the theory of a home invasion, but that scenario quickly fell apart. Nothing was taken from the home and nothing appeared to have been disturbed. The back door was kicked open, but the porch was about 13 feet off the ground and an unlikely entrance for a burglar. The footprint, left below the handle, seems unusually small, more like a woman's.

"Everything is theory right now," Brown said, "but we think, maybe, it was someone she had over, there was some type of argument, she locked that person outside the door, and they got mad and kicked it in."

Huggins wasn't seeing anyone in particular, as far as her family knew, but she was actively dating and was sociable and likable, according to the police.

Police are looking for anyone who might know who Huggins was with on Oct. 26, and they're looking for any information about Huggins and the Rosewood Circle house that night.

"We're looking for anyone that saw anything," the lieutenant said. "If they saw a vehicle leaving that night ... something. We need something."

Anyone with information, can call Crime Stoppers at (404) 577-TIPS or Detective Thomas Martin at (770) 477-3635.