Fine arts school taking applications for next year

Editor's note: This article, from Tuesday's paper, is being re-run because of a typographical error in the earlier version that might lead students to believe they can't apply to the school now. They can.

By Curt Yeomans


Students, who want to improve their artistic skills at Clayton County Public Schools' Fine Arts Magnet High School next year, can submit their applications now.

The auditions for the 2009-10 school year will take place Nov. 10-14, at the Clayton County Performing Arts Center. Applications for the school are now available in the fine arts section of the district's web site, http://www.clayton.k12.ga.us/departments/instruction/finearts/magnetschool.asp/.

"These programs are offered to students who strive for excellence in academics and creative expression in the arts," said Celeste Johnson, head administrator for the magnet school, in a letter to parents and prospective students.

For those submitting an application, the magnet school has several sets of audition criteria listed on the school system's web site, including:

· Dance -- Participate in an audition class which will demonstrate a prospective student's ability to accept direction and perform various dance styles. The prospective student will also have to perform a three-minute solo dance.

· Vocal Music -- Perform a solo, which is from the classical or Broadway repertory; vocal exercises which demonstrate range, color, intonation and pitch memory; sight read a piece of music in stepwise motion, and complete a music-skills assessment.

· Theatre -- Select a one-and-a-half- to two-minute monologue from a play, and recite it from memory, while demonstrating naturalness, honesty, an understanding of the character, quality vocal projection and diction, and body control. Prospective students may also be required to perform some improvisational exercises, which emphasize imagination, creativity, flexibility, and concentration.

· Band -- Show an ability to play an F and B flat; perform a prepared piece and a chromatic scale; participate in a sight-reading exercise and complete a music-skills assessment. Students who play mallet, percussion instruments must be able to also perform two octave arpeggios, and a solo must be prepared.

· Orchestra -- Perform a prepared piece and a sight-reading exercise; play vibrato, and show an ability to identify key signatures and read third-position notes. Prospective students who play the Violin, Viola or Cello must also show a knowledge of three-octave scales. Students who play the Bass must show a knowledge of two-octave scales.

· Visual Arts -- Submit a portfolio showing a prospective student's 10 best pieces. These pieces must demonstrate an ability to use a variety of media styles, including drawing; painting; printmaking; photography, and a picture of a 3-D creation. A sketchbook, or photograph contact sheets should also be submitted. A prospective student must also participate in a visual-arts test.

· Guitar -- Participate in a private session with a master teacher.


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