Sarah Palin: Not quite the new Dan Quale - Curt Yeomans

A lot has been said about Sarah Palin's ability to be vice president. Well, a lot has been said about her intelligence, or purported lack there of.

But, is she really stupid?


Is she really Dan Quayle, part two?

You remember Dan Quayle, don't you? He was vice president under President George H. W. Bush, from 1989-1993 (Actual term, not dates of elections). He was also a world class idiot, who set a high bar for how stupid a president or vice president could be.

Thanks to YouTube, so many Quaylisms will live with us forever.

Here are some of Dan Quayle's pearls of wisdom from his time as vice president (in case you forgot or were too young the first time around):

"In 1988, the question is whether we're gonna go forward to tomorrow, or we're gonna go past ... to ... the, the back."

Or, "There is nothing that a good defense can ... not be a better offense."

Or, "We understand the importance of having the bondage between the parent and the child."

And who can forget when he took the United Negro College Fund's slogan, "A mind is a terrible thing to waste," and turned it into: "What a waste it is to lose one's mind. Or not to have a mind is being very wasteful. How true that is."

He also said "Hitlerism" was an obscene part of U.S. history. When called out on it, Quayle said he meant it was an obscene part of the 20th Century. That prompted him to say, "We all lived in this century. Well, I didn't live in this century."

Actually, if you go on YouTube, you find a two-part video, entitled "Who is Dan Quayle?" which was done by Will Durst, a syndicated columnist for the Clayton News Daily and the Henry Daily Herald.

It has all of Quayle's biggest hits, including clips of him being raked over the coals by a pair of 13-year-old journalists.

What has Palin given us? "You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska?" Shoot, there are so many islands in Alaska's Aleutian Island chain that she probably isn't lying. You probably can see Russia from Alaskan soil. Granted, it doesn't qualify as foreign policy experience, but let's remember -- Dan Quayle set a high level for stupidity.

Not even President George W. Bush has been able to reach that bar yet. And certainly, Sarah Palin has not even begun to reach that level. She's just ... naive. It's like when you bring your backwoods, hillbilly cousin from the wilderness, to the big city. You forget he or she has never been in a city before, and has never had access to electricity or technology.

In this case, the cousin somehow managed to become governor of a vast expanse of wilderness. Therefore, I think Sarah Palin has a long way to go before we can call her stupid.

Curt Yeomans covers education for the Clayton News Daily. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753, ext. 247, or via e-mail at cyeomans@news-daily.com.