Woman: Armed purse robber said nothing

By Daniel Silliman


A Riverdale woman had her black-and-white, polka-dot purse taken at gunpoint, according to Clayton County Police.

Angelina Winfield was walking home from a convience store Monday evening, about 6:30, when it happened. She was, she told police, walking on Webb Road near the gated entrance to Belmont Landing Apartments, when a car stopped behind her and a man got out.

He allegedly had a black gun in his hand, pointed it at her head and pulled a purse off her shoulder so hard that he knocked her down, according to the police report filed by Officer K. Arnzen.

"She advised that the suspect never spoke to her," Arnzen reported. "He was only breathing heavy."

The officer asked the woman if she could describe the gun, but she only knew it was black.

Winfield didn't have any money in her polka-dot purse, but was worried about her driver's license, her boyfriend's driver's license, her credit cards and her social security cards.

Police are looking for the suspect and have a description of the vehicle they hope might lead them to the armed, purse robber.

Anyone with information, is asked to call the police tip line at (770) 473-5400.

Man allegedly stole IDs from housemate, 140 others

A 32-year-old Morrow man has been jailed on allegations that he stole his housemate's credit card number and $645.

When Clayton County Police arrested Munica Dangelo Clayton, they also found he had a folder full of identification documents, including ID cards, driver's licenses, tax forms, social security cards and birth certificates.

According to Officer Gerald Huff's police report and warrantless arrest affidavit, the Morrow man had 140 "false, fictitious and fradulent" documents. The officer charged him with 140 counts of possessing the papers, along with one count of financial transation card fraud.

Michael Ford, a 29-year-old security guard, told police he only noticed he was missing the $645 when he tried to withdraw some money on Sunday and his account said "insufficient funds."

Her asked a female friend of Clayton's where Clayton was, and she apparently tried to cover up for him by saying Clayton was dead. Ford didn't believe it and called police.

Asked about the folder of documents, Clayton allegedly said they were "from a family member, from different car burlagires," according to the police report.

Clayton is currently in the county jail, held without bond, and the investyigation is ongoing.