Lee Street celebrates with annual fall festival

More than 500 people attended Lee Street Elementary School's annual Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) Fall Fling celebration on Oct. 3, according to school officials.

Among the sights at last week's celebration were Jonesboro Police officers, who let children play with the lights and sirens on a police car and a motorcycle; an inflatable obstacle course; pony rides; inflatable basketball and football tosses; a moon walk, and a game in which children could attempt to hit a bulls-eye that would cause a water balloon to burst over the head of a school official.

Jannelle Munford, president of Lee Street's PTA, said the turnout for this year's Fall Fling was one of the biggest in school history. "We normally make about $1,500 at this event, but this year, we had nearly $1,000 in ticket sales before the festival started," said Munford. "I think we could very well make $2,000 this year."

- Curt Yeomans