Suspect caught quickly in Waffle House robbery

By Jason A. Smith


The alleged robbery of a local restaurant Wednesday morning has landed a Clayton County teenager behind bars without bond.

Henry County Police said the suspect was apprehended after authorities traced his vehicle tag information back to him.

Andrew Pulliam, 18, of Jonesboro, is charged with one count of armed robbery.

The incident reportedly took place at approximately 1:10 a.m., at the Waffle House located at 611 Ga. Highway 138 in Stockbridge.

Police Detective, Eric Arrington, gave details of Pulliam's arrest Wednesday, during a preliminary hearing in Henry County Magistrate Court. He said when Pulliam entered the location, the suspect did not immediately threaten anyone inside, but instead sat down in a booth, and asked a waitress to give him change for a dollar.

When she opened the drawer to the register, Arrington explained, the suspect reportedly put his hand in his waistband, indicating he had a gun. "He demanded she put all the money into a bag, which he provided."

The detective added that the waitress told police she saw the butt of a black pistol on the suspect's person.

However, Pulliam did not pull the weapon out, and left the scene in a silver Pontiac Grand Am.

Waffle House personnel reportedly obtained a tag number from the car as Pulliam drove away, which they gave to police upon their arrival at the scene.

Officers then went to the suspect's home and located him there, along with the money he allegedly took from the restaurant. Authorities also impounded Pulliam's vehicle, but did not find a weapon in the car or in the suspect's possession.

He said after Pulliam was arrested and taken into custody, the suspect was questioned regarding his alleged involvement in the incident. "Mr. Pulliam provided written and audio confessions of how he conducted the robbery."

The charges against the suspect were then bound over to Henry County Superior Court.

Pulliam is currently being represented by the Henry County Public Defender's Office. His attorney, Jeff Cofer, said he expects to view evidence in the case in the coming days.

Cofer noted that the armed robbery charge against his client may need to be reduced, depending on what the investigation reveals. "We're going to wait for the video from the restaurant to be reviewed by police, and for witness statements to be forwarded to us," said Cofer. "We're going to see if what the waitress saw was a weapon, or a cell phone."

Bond for Pulliam will be set in Superior Court. No date has been set for his next appearance before a judge in the case.