Man murdered trying to talk to neighbor

By Daniel Silliman


A 27-year-old man rolled down his window to talk to his neighbor, according to police, and then his neighbor allegedly shouted at him and shot him three times.

Oscar Lopez-Brizuela was found dead in his car, a Nissan Titan. It was parked in the street near his trailer home at lot #44 in the 6347 Tara Blvd., Clayton Mobile Home Park, at about 9:45 p.m., when the Clayton County police arrived.

Lopez-Brizuela had been shot three times in the chest, police said.

Neighbors, hearing the shout and the shots, came out of their homes to see another neighbor, allegedly Valvino Ramos of lot #30, running down the street. Witnesses said he allegedly threw a gun to the ground as he ran.

Monday afternoon, homicide detectives were still trying to figure out what happened, and were trying to gather information on Ramos.

"They're out working the case," said Officer Tim Owens, department spokesman. "They're trying to get a picture of the suspect and confirm it's him, so they can release it and, maybe get, some help with this."

As of Monday afternoon, police had not yet taken out a warrant for Ramos' arrest, but Owens said they were confident he was their suspect in the shooting.

Besides living in the same trailer park, it is not clear what the relationship was between the two men. Neighbors didn't hear the conversation, just the shouted expletive and promise of death.

"Besides what was shouted," Owens said, "no one knew what led to the argument or what led to the shooting."

Police found the gun where neighbors said it was, a Smith & Wesson handgun on the ground between the two trailer lots.

Lopez-Brizuela was shot three times with that gun, police said. He was taken to Southern Regional Medical Center, and pronounced dead a little after 10 p.m.

Police reports showed that Ramos was reportedly wearing a gray T-shirt and black pants, when he allegedly ran from the murder scene. He is described as a Hispanic male of unknown age, about six-feet tall and weighing 240 pounds.

He, reportedly, sometimes drives a black, Ford F-150, with the license plate number ACT 7368.

Anyone with information about Ramos, is asked to call detectives at (770) 477-3614.