Hampton welder fuses $500,000 lottery win

By Johnny Jackson


A Hampton welder is celebrating a half-million dollar Georgia Lottery win.

Bobby Sloan bought a lucky scratch-off ticket recently at his neighborhood convenience store - a store the Hampton native has frequented over the years. He walked into the Quick Shop one day, as he did on a regular basis with his wife Geraldine, not expecting much from his routine play of the lottery.

"He kept scratching off zeros," said his wife of 43 years. "And he said, ' honey look at this.' And I said 'no'. I'm not a person to get excited."

But Sloan, 62, kept scratching the $500,000 Player's Club instant game and realized, there in the store, that he had won the $500,000 top prize.

"I started jumping up and down," he said.

"He was just screaming and hollering," Geraldine added. "He was just jumping up. It was exciting, very exciting."

The couple have five sons together with 14 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. They have no concrete plans on how they will spend their winnings, but they are looking around to see about purchasing a new home and possibly a new car with their winnings.

"We live pretty comfortably right now, but we have always said, we'd probably get another house," Geraldine said.

The Sloans are the latest winners in the Georgia Lottery, which has returned more than $10.3 billion to the state of Georgia for education. Georgia Lottery profits go to pay for specific educational programs including Georgia's HOPE Scholarship Program and Georgia's Pre-kindergarten Program. More than 1.1 million students have received HOPE, and more than 940,000 4-year-olds have attended the statewide, voluntary pre-kindergarten program.


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