Police seek witnesses to hit and run

By Daniel Silliman


An apparent hit-and-run accident left one teen in a coma, and another with a hazy memory of someone asking if they were OK, and then leaving.

Clayton County police are looking for witnesses to the accident, which happened in early October on Fayetteville Road, injuring 16-year-old Devontay Tace and sending 17-year-old Karl Barnaby into Grady Memorial Hospital, where he remains in a coma.

"The hit-and-run investigators haven't been able to turn anything up," said Officer Tim Owens, department spokesman. "We don't actually know what happened and we're just hoping that somebody who witnessed that will come forward and tell us what they saw."

The two teens were apparently walking home from a football game at about 9:45 p.m. on Oct. 4, near the Q-Trip, when they were hit from behind by an unknown vehicle.

The police department's accident report shows the driver apparently hit a sign, lost control of a vehicle, crashed through a mailbox and plowed into the two Jonesboro teens, who were walking on the shoulder of the road.

Tace told police he doesn't remember hearing anything, such as the squeal of tires of screech of brakes, and he didn't see a car.

"He vaguely thinks he remembers somebody coming up and saying, 'Hey, are you guys OK?' But we don't know that he actually saw that or not. We don't know if he just imagined it," Owens said.

The vehicle left the scene of the accident, and there now no leads in the case, though police believe the vehicle involved in the hit-and-run was midsize and suffered damage to the right, front passenger's side. Anyone with information about the accident or the damaged vehicle is asked to call Detective James Walker at (770) 477-3780 or the department's tip line at (770) 477-3648.