Woman's home invaded, robbed

By Daniel Silliman


A day after her boyfriend went to jail on marijuana charges, a 22-year-old Jonesboro woman's home was invaded by a crew of armed men.

Cieara Brieon Ash heard the knock on her 803 Summerwind Drive door a little after midnight Thursday. When she opened up, four men with guns forced their way in and began to ask about money, according to a Clayton County police report.

Ash told police she didn't know the men, but she thought at least one of them knew her. She described three of the armed men in detail, but told police she could not describe the remaining suspect.

They "all entered her apartment and asked her about money," Officer Michael Leggs reported. "The victim stated that each male went through her belongings."

The armed robbers reportedly took a $450 flat screen, Apex TV; a Wachovia bank card; three women's rings, with precious stones worth $520; two gold, men's rings; five pairs of shoes and some miscellaneous men's clothing; and a cell phone.

Police did not immediately know the connection between Ash's boyfriend's arrest and the robbery, but Ash appeared to believe the two events were related.

The woman told police she would recognize the robbers if she saw them again, police said.

The armed robbers she could describe were: a 20-year-old black male with ear-length dread locks and light brown eyes, carrying a silver revolver; an 18-year-old black male with short hair, dark skin and a black shirt with a red undershirt, carrying an old, brown revolver; a black male "wearing something over his face," a black, hooded sweat shirt and carrying a semi-automatic pistol.

Anyone with information about the robbery, is asked to call the police tip line at (770) 473-5400