3 dead, 1 injuried in weekend accidents

By Daniel Silliman


There were four serious, single-car accidents over the weekend, leaving a drag racer, an intoxicated driver and a motorcyclist dead, and a 16-year-old severely injured.

Early Monday morning, a 20-year-old Covington man was killed while street racing on Clark Howell Highway. Kaleb Martin Mashburn was driving a black, 1992 Honda Civic, when he lost a race to two unidentified opponents, Clayton County Police said.

He "lost control of his vehicle as he was negotiating a curve in the road" at about 12:05 a.m., according to the Clayton County Police Department's accident report. He was speeing southbound, but swerved across the turning lane, both nothbound lanes, hit a curb and crashed into a utility pole.

When police arrived, the Honda Civic was wrapped around the pole, and Mashburn was dead. Firefighters extracted his body from the wreck, and it was delivered to the medical examiners office. It was three days after his 20th birthday.

It was not clear how fast Mashburn was going, but he left skid marks for 320 feet before hitting the curb, and he went another 22 feet before colliding with the utility pole, according to the accident report.

William Ormond Greene, Jr., was fleeing the scene of an accident when he died on Friday night, according to police. Greene, a 26-year-old Ellenwood man, was driving a white, 2003, Ford truck, when he crashed into the guardrail at Tanner's Church Road, and flipped over into a ditch.

When police arrived, at about 9 p.m., Greene was "partially ejected" from the vehicle, but stuck between the steering wheel and the door.

An empty, 24-ounce, Icehouse beer can was inside the truck and another, half-empty can was just outside, police reported.

Greene apparently hit a another car, near the Interstate 675 exit onto Anvil Block Road, and fled the scene, taking the exit and speeding around the next corner, onto Tanner's Church Road.

"The victim appeared to attempt the turn at a high rate of speed, based on the distance of the skid and yaw marks left in the roadway," the responding officer reported.

Greene was pronounced dead where he landed, down the embankment.

Koren M. Carrasquillo lost control of his white, 2001 Suzuki GSXR while he was taking a turn on Carlton Road, near the Clayton-Fayette line.

The 16-year-old was speeing southbound, couldn't quite make a turn, and ran up into the driveway and front lawn of 8281 Carlton Road. In the lawn, the motorcyle tipped, the left-side, foot peg hit the ground, and the Suzuki slid on its side for 27 feet, then bounced and landed eight feet away.

The motorcycle flipped three times before it landed 213 feet from where it left the road, according to the accident report.

Carrasquillo was thrown from the motorcycle and struck a large pine tree with his head. He had "multiple fractures to his skull" and "cranial hemorrhages," when a helicopter flew him to Atlanta Medical Center on Sunday.

Aaron Moore, Jr., a 39-year-old from Mableton, was wearing a motorcycle helmet when he crashed and died a little after midnight on Monday.

Moore was riding his motorcycle down Walker Road, near the intersection of Collier Road, in Riverdale, when he crashed into a ditch. He apparently hit his head on the ground, and the motorcycle flipped over him, according to the police report.

Police said there were no obvious sings of intoxication, at the scene, and no immediately obvious indication of what caused the accident. The responding officer noted that, "There were no signs of life from the driver [but] the drisve still had his motorcycle helmet on his head. The only obvious sign of trauma was a small amount of blood on his nose."

Moore was pronounced dead at about 2:30 a.m., Monday.