Woman killed in home burglary

By Daniel Silliman


Home alone, a 39-year-old woman called her sister to say she'd been shot.

Geetha Kittrell Huggins spoke to her sister by cell phone, but the sister didn't immediately understand, didn't quite comprehend what that meant, "shot," so Huggins said it a second time.

She'd been shot. She'd been shot in her arm and her side and she was bleeding badly.

Vita Norwood, 33, called 911 to report her sister was shot at 603 Rosewood Circle, in Jonesboro, where she was home alone.

Clayton County Police Officer M. Johnson wrote in his report that the front door was partially opened, when he arrived at 10:43 on Sunday. There was blood on the foyer floor and on the stairwell, and Huggins was lying on the floor facing a love seat, a bullet wound in her left side.

The 39-year-old woman was flown by helicopter to Atlanta Medical Center, according to the police report, but died during surgery on Monday morning.

Police do not have a suspect in the murder, but suspect it was related to a burglar's break-in.

According to her family, Huggins was watching TV, while her sister, Norwood, and her brother-in-law, Sammy Crumbley, left the house. Norwood went to a friends house at about 6 p.m., after Sunday dinner, and Crumbley went to work at about 9:30. He told police he didn't even see Huggins, but just locked the door behind him when he left.

About an hour later, Huggins made her last phone call.

Detectives don't have much to go on, at this point, and don't have any reason to believe someone wanted to kill the 39-year-old woman. They do, however, have a few shoe prints.

Someone kicked open the back door, according to the police report, leaving a shoe print just below the door knob.

The same shoe, with a V-shape on the sole, left at least one print in the house. The crime scene investigators were called. Police believe someone climbed up onto the deck in the backyard, kicked in the door, and left the front door open when fleeing from the robbery-turned-homicide.

The investigation is continuing, and the state's crime lab is going to analyze the physical evidence left at the scene.

Anyone with information about the burglary or the murder is asked to call Detective Thomas Martin at (770) 477-3635.