Man in Halloween mask charged with stick-up

By Daniel Silliman


A Douglasville man said his black mask was something for Halloween, but Clayton County Police identified him as the Subway Restaurant stick-up man.

Kemar T. Johnson, 22, was arrested Wednesday night and charged with aggravated assault, armed robbery and wearing a mask.

According to the police report, Johnson allegedly robbed the Subway Restaurant at 5225 Highway 85, outside Riverdale. The clerk on duty told police the masked man walked in the back door, all stooped over, wearing a mask and gloves, carrying a semi-automatic rifle.

He allegedly pointed the gun at the man behind the cash register and said, "Stay cool and give me the money." He took $327.46, stuffed in a Subway sandwich bag, and asked for the store's surveillance video.

The clerk said the video was locked, according to the police report, and the masked man left, walking out of the store in his stooped position and dropping about $76, mostly in coins, on his way out.

That, police said, is when Johnson's alleged plan really went wrong. Somebody sitting in the parking lot saw the clerk raise his hands in the air, like he was being robbed, and then saw somebody come out the back door, hunched over. The witness, not named by police, followed the man, saw him get in a full sized car, followed the car, wrote down the license plate and called police.

Law enforcement caught up with Johnson's 2001 Pontiac Grad Prix in Douglas County, where a sheriff's deputy recognized the plate number and made a stop.

When Clayton County police officers, P.E. Amos and M. Harris, arrived, they "noticed a black mask on the front passenger seat with only the eyes cut out of the mask, and a pair of black gloves were inside of the mask," in plain view.

Johnson also had $181 in his front, right pocket.

The 22-year-old agreed to return to Clayton County headquarters, police said, and reportedly waived his right not to speak without a lawyer. He allegedly said the car was his and no one else used it, the money was saved up from a job he lost two months ago, and the gloves and mask didn't mean anything.

He said "he had the mask and the gloves because it is Halloween and he was going to play a joke on someone," according to the police report.

Johnson faces a maximum possible sentence of life in prison.