Community Impact Center gets new home

By Joel Hall


For several years, the New Birth South Community Impact Center in Morrow has been helping local residents overcome marital problems, anger issues, and financial instability. This week, the center opened at a new location in Jonesboro.

On Labor Day, the Community Impact Center officially moved from its old location at Corporate Center Drive, to it's new location at 2450 Mt. Zion Parkway, Suite 400 in Jonesboro. In addition to easy access to the Department of Labor, Kaiser Permanente, the Performing Arts Center, and Mt. Zion High School, the center has increased its square footage from 4,000 square feet to 10,000 square feet.

"The reason for the move was that we needed more space for the increased demand on services we provide," said William Hill, executive director of the center. "We are humbled, and very pleased to relocate to this space. We have the ability to do more at the new facility and to encourage people spiritually, physically and financially."

For the last five years, the center in Morrow has served as an information and resource hub for people needing guidance, encouragement and counseling. Hill said with the increased space, the center will be able to expand its services.

In addition to offering its counseling services and financial seminars, the center plans to team with the Internal Revenue Service to become an official Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) site. Hill said the new location eventually will support a faith-based workforce development center, a small business development center, an after-school program, and a computer training center.

"A lot of people that we encounter, and a lot of residents in the community, can be locked out of, or deprived of, higher-paying jobs because of a lack of computer skills," said Hill. "We want to bridge the gap. We want to assist people in finding quality of life in their work atmosphere and produce more entrepreneurs as well."

Vince Williams, community liaison for the center, said the new location is much easier to find. He added that the location's relative seclusion provides a more conducive environment for counseling.

"Often, what we do is a very sensitive part of ministry, so we needed a little seclusion," said Williams. "One of the biggest problems [with the old location] was getting people to know where we are. Once you say Mt. Zion High School, or Kaiser [Permanente] or the Performing Arts Center, or the Department of Labor, they know right where you are.

"In this new, spacious arena, we will be able to do more of the work that God has blessed us to do," said Williams.

For more information, contact (678) 422-4787 or e-mail newbirthcic@newbirthsouth.org.