Alternative School fight leaves 17 facing charges

By Daniel Silliman


Seventeen high school students have been charged in connection with a Wednesday morning, high school fight, according to Clayton County police.

The fight broke out at The Alternative School, Clayton County's high school for students with discipline issues, at about 9 a.m. It started in the cafeteria, said Lt. Scott Stubbs, commander of the school resource officers, and officers were called to respond to a fight-in-progress.

"The administrators had some people in the office area, secured," Stubbs said, Thursday, "and then an officer located two guys running out the back door, who were students. Several different fights were popping up in the cafeteria. These small groups of fights kept popping up."

Stubbs said school officials and police officers separated 17 students, de-escalating the situation, and then the officers took all 17, 15 juveniles and two adults, to headquarters for questioning.

"The starting point seems to be some disturbance that started in the neighborhood in the past weekend," Stubbs said. More information was not available, but Stubbs said the outside incident is something that's under investigation by the Riverdale Police Department.

Of the 17, three were kept overnight in juvenile detention and one, over the age of 17, was sent to the county jail. The other 13 high school students were released into the custody of parents. All 17 were charged, Stubbs said, with crimes ranging from disorderly conduct, to affray, to disturbing a public school.

Stubbs said the fight was unusual because of the number of students involved, but the school's officials moved quickly in de-escalating the situation and bringing in law enforcement.