Armed teens allegedly take $5 in park

By Daniel Silliman


Three young teenagers with a gun robbed a 50-year-old man of $5 while he was walking in a park, police said.

Aged 13 and 14, the teens attacked their victim with a handgun and took the only money he had, a $5 bill, according to Clayton County Police.

The man, Augustin Askukem, of Morrow, was walking on Jester Creek Trail, in the park next to Clayton County Headquarters Library on Battle Creek Road, according Capt. Greg Dickens, Clayton County Police Department spokesman.

Askukem said he saw three young men, described as black males wearing white T-shirts and tan pants, run up to him.

On of the boys allegedly said, "You should give us all you have on you," according to a police report filed by Officer Michael Wheeler.

Askukem reportedly said, "I have nothing to give you. All I have is $5 on me," and the three teens took the bill.

"He was accosted by three teenage males armed with a handgun," Dickens said. "The teenage suspects demanded his money. Mr. Askukem gave the assailants what they demanded ... and was not injured."

A witness told police he saw the trio of teens coming out of the library, where they stopped him and asked for a cigarette. He told them he didn't smoke, and they ran toward the creek and the park trail, according to the police report.

Police found the gun, where it had apparently been discarded in the woods.

Police caught two teens, matching the witness' and victim's descriptions. The two came out of the woods into Pointe Clear Apartments. One of them was 13. The other was 14.

Both are Clayton County high school students.

Police said they expected to arrest the third teen soon.