UGA fan remembered with 'Bulldawg' funeral

By Daniel Silliman


When Sean Enlow's body is taken to the cemetery Saturday morning, the hearse will fly the Bulldogs' flag.

In his hand, the deceased, 34-year-old fan will hold a ticket to Saturday's UGA game. The funeral directors will wear ties in tribute to the football team. At the visitation the night before, everyone wore red and black -- and all the flowers arrangements boasted Bulldog-colors.

"I think that this -- I mean, he loved the Bulldogs, he was the world's greatest fan, but I think maybe this was his way of lightening the mood. He said, 'I don't want there to be any tears at my funeral,'" said Karen Enlow, who married Sean in 1999.

Sean O'Neil "Bulldog" Enlow left explicit instructions for his funeral.

The McDonough man wrote his own epitaph: "Bulldawg born and Bulldawg bred, here I lie a bulldawg dead." He wanted his friends and family to dress like they were going to a game. He wanted everything to resemble a UGA tailgate party. He wanted his Bulldog paraphernalia displayed, his joy remembered, and his life celebrated.

"You'd have to know his sense of humor," said Gary Brannon, Sean's father-in-law. "He wasn't joking. These were his wishes. And the strange thing, and the funny thing, is that all of these people aren't Bulldog fans. Some of them are Tech fans. Some are Tennessee fans."

According to those who knew him, if you called Sean Enlow during a UGA game, he would answer the phone by asking, "Are you out of your mind?" Sean's father, Wayne Enlow, said if you asked him when his daughter was born, he would say it happened when Georgia played the University of Tennessee's Volunteers.

"Somebody asked me how long has he been a Bulldog fan," said Janet Lucas, Sean's mother. "And I said, 'I guess since as long as ever.' I think it was before he could say 'mama' or 'papa.'"

Karen said her husband wrote out his will four years ago, a little while after their daughter, Bayley Danielle, was born. The will was sealed, and she didn't know all the details of his wishes for a UGA-themed event until he died on Aug. 31. Sean was riding his motorcycle, south on Ga. Highway 441, just south of Clayton County, when he was hit head-on by an hydroplaning SUV.

When informed of the man's wishes for his funeral, Greg Cannon, co-owner of Cannon Cleveland Funeral Directors, said he was more than happy to accommodate the family.

"What they know and love about that man is not that body we're going to bury," Cannon said. "It's in their hearts. It's in their memories. If you walk into this room and it's filled with Georgia paraphernalia and the Georgia band is playing, now we're talking about his life, and not his death."

Outside the funeral home in McDonough on Friday afternoon, in preparation for visitation, a giant inflatable Bulldog was stationed by the door.

Karen said that "on game day, that stupid thing is in the front yard. If I told him it was stupid, he would say 'Shut up, dummy.' He was very sarcastic, and we were silly, most of the time. He was very Southern and very country, and he's smart as could be, but to hear him talk, you'd think, 'that boy is as dumb as a rock' ...

"He was my husband, and my best friend, and I'll miss him forever and ever."

Thinking of how long that was, Karen, dressed in red and black, stopped and started to cry.

"He didn't want anybody crying," she said. "This is supposed to lighten the mood. I keep talking to him, and he's not there. I keep telling him, I can't promise I won't cry. There's some tears. But we're having the best damn Bulldog tailgate party."