Why can't we get rid of the
oil vampires - Curt Yeomans

I'm disgusted by the American oil companies. That is about the only way to sum it up.

I was advised Thursday that refineries in Texas are going to briefly shut down because of Hurricane Ike, so gas prices will surely shoot up as a result.

This means Exxon can have another quarter of record-breaking profits by taking advantage of using a natural disaster as an excuse to raise gas prices.

I kind of wish Mother Nature would get tired of being used like a cheap trick by the oil companies, and just [expletive deleted] slap the executives of these companies for their greed -- at our expense.

At least give them a good chewing out, like June Cleaver, err, I mean Barbara Billingsley, did to those two guys in the movie "Airplane!" who only spoke jive.

Like, she said, "Cut me some slack, Jack!"

I believe it is the goal of the oil vampires to bleed us dry. They don't care how badly we suffer; they just care about the pleasure they derive from the obscene profits they make. It would be a kind of justice if Flipper were waiting for these company executives somewhere out in the Gulf of Mexico, just so he could flipper-slap those turkeys.

Better yet, do you think the animals injured by the Exxon Valdez spill are lining up with oil and feathers to finally get their revenge?

By the way, I'm old enough that when I hear Exxon, I still think of the Valdez creating an ecological disaster nearly 20 years ago.

Speaking of the Valdez disaster, should we really let oil companies dig into the ocean? I know they do it all the time now, without incident. But you've got to believe that it's just a matter of time before something slips up. Of course, I don't really think they'll ever open any new oil platforms in the Gulf.

They get to lay a claim to the territory so others cannot get to it. It keeps the competition at bay (no pun intended), which enables the big oil companies to charge us our arms; legs; stem cells; homes; cars, and the first-, second-, and third-born kids just to buy a tank of gas.

In conclusion, get ready for a long, national nightmare, folks, and I mean a worse nightmare than the Bush presidency (I'm a Republican saying that, so :-P ).

Curt Yeomans covers education for the Clayton News Daily. He can be reached at (770) 478-5753, ext. 247, or via e-mail at cyeomans@news-daily.com.