Depend on the Lord and live! - James C. Bell

I was attending a great class at our church under the capable instruction of our senior associate pastor. At one point, he asked some in the class to give a short testimony of what the Lord has done for their lives recently.

Several made comments, and when I raised my hand, he said, "Please share one or two of your experiences of how the Lord has blessed you." I knew I couldn't take much class time, so I said, "One thing I have learned in my experience with the Lord is to depend on Him."

Since I felt I shouldn't take the time to elaborate then, I will share with you some of the blessings one receives by simply trusting in the Lord Jesus to lead our lives, to depend on Him and show us how to live in ways that please Him and reward us with peace and hope and satisfaction.

The base line for learning to depend on God and living a life for Him is first becoming a Christian. Some seem to think living the Christian life will prevent them for enjoying themselves in doing all the things they like to do, but this kind of thinking could not be further from the truth.

Actually, such a perception of life comes from Satan himself. He wants you to believe being a Christian will cramp your lifestyle and cause you to live a dull and restrictive life, in which you will have no fun at all. The real truth is believing in Jesus sets one free of the burden of sin; it gives us a new set of standards to live by and true hope of eternal life in Heaven with God.

Our values begin to change, the things that once mattered the most to us give way to new thoughts and actions that enrich our lives and increase our enjoyment of life. We learn to love others rather than hate, to want to give and share our joys with others rather than keep everything for ourselves and feel that we are so important.

We make new and loving friendships that bless us as we know we have close ties with friends whom we can trust and who want the best for us, as we do for them. Gradually, we begin to learn to pray, to tell our Lord, who loves us, all of our troubles, and ask Him for help to cope and solve our problems in a Christian manner.

As He answers our prayers and blesses our lives, we begin to learn to depend on Him, for we know His Holy Spirit lives in our hearts and lives. We study our Bibles and learn of the Lord's command for us to witness, to tell others what the Lord has done for us and what He wants to do for them.

For a long time in my life, even after I became a Christian, I depended on my self to live a life that honored God and grew me as a Christian. My thinking was that I was strong and fully capable of knowing and doing the right thing in life. I said I didn't want to burden the Lord with my problems, for He had so many others to help.

How wrong can a person be?

No, we must lay all our burdens on the Lord and ask Him to give us the courage and the strength and the knowledge we need to live for Him. He has the answers to all of our problems. Do we have the faith in Him to depend on Him to supply all our needs? This is exactly where He wants us to be in relationship with Him!

We must depend on Him for our health; He is the great healer. We must depend on Him for courage to face and solve our problems. We must depend on Him to grow our witness to lost people and to save them as we tell them of Jesus' love.

We must depend on Him and believe His promises to save us from Hell and take us to Heaven when we die. We must depend on Him to tell us the truth and teach us to live for Him.

I pray we will all depend on Jesus Christ and praise His Name for what He has done for us! Amen!