Pistol-packing Morrow man robbed

By Daniel Silliman


Even an armed man can get held up for $10 in Clayton County, police reports show.

Nafis Muwakkil Abduilah, a 23-year-old Morrow man, was robbed of his 9 mm HiPoint semi-automatic handgun and two $5 bills while walking on Mt. Zion Boulevard, according to Clayton County police.

Abduilah was walking by a Citgo, at 6629 Mt. Zion Blvd., at about 11 a.m., on Saturday, going behind the gas station up a foot path to Sandlewood Apartments, where he planned to visit some friends. He saw two men going the other way, he later told police, and the one man yelled something, distracting him, and the other grabbed his neck in a choke hold.

The man who was choking him realized Abduilah had a gun stuck in his waistband, and was surprised. He reportedly said, "I think he has a gun." The other man pulled a silver-colored revolver and they held him up.

He told police they took his weapon and the two bills he had in his pocket. He didn't recognize either armed robber.

Abduilah showed police his concealed weapons permit and a pawn shop receipt for the gun.

Police: 3 arrested in home maintenance burglary

Three middle-age men were arrested on Monday on charges of stealing a lawn mower, three ladders, a leaf blower, a weed eater, a saw and a drill.

Clayton County police were called to 311 Martin Drive, in Jonesboro, at about 1:30 p.m., Monday. A neighbor reported seeing a "burglary in progress." The neighbor reportedly told police she saw a man in a red shirt and a man in a gray shirt, going behind the house and loading things into a truck.

When police arrived, one man, later identified as 45-year-old Tyrone Sherman, got out of the drivers' seat and started running. He was arrested in a shed, down the street, where he was apparently attempting to hide.

Two other men, Calvin Dexter Johnson, a 45-year-old from Riverdale, and Robert Gibson, a 58-year-old from Hampton, were arrested at the scene.

The resident of 311 Martin Drive identified the things in the back of the truck as his, and the three men were taken to the Clayton County Jail on charges of burglary.