A modern day angel of God - James C. Bell

The pastor of a small church preached his sermon on Sunday mornings, and in the afternoon, he and his son gave out religious tracts on the streets of the small town where they lived.

They did this faithfully most every Sunday, but on this particular day, it was raining hard and a cold wind was blowing. It was not a fit day for anyone to be out in the weather, so when the time came for them to go, the father told the son they would not go that day.

The young boy wanted to go anyway and asked his father if he could go. He said, "People need to be reminded of God's love even in the rain!" The father said, "Ok, you may go, if you wish, but there may not be many folks out today."

The young boy put on his coat, and a rain coat over it, and his rain cap, took a handful of tracts and started out for the main street. He found it was a wet day and cold, too, and his father was right-there was hardly anyone out. He did manage to give some of his tracts to a few people, but then decided he would go home and dry out.

He walked down a street he was not familiar with and saw a house there he had not seen before. Something told him to go to the house and ring the doorbell, but when he did, he got no response. He rang again and then one more time, but still no answer. He decided to knock loudly on the door, and he did several times.

Inside the house, the widow who lived there had been feeling down and very sorrowful for a long time, and today, she decided to hang herself and end it all. She said nobody cared for her or loved her. Things had been very bad for her since her husband died. They had no children and she felt so alone and deserted.

She took a strong rope and went up to her attic. She tied one end of the rope to a rafter and stood in a chair with the rope around her neck. She was just ready to kick the chair from under her when she heard the doorbell ringing. She said, "Now, who could that be? I never have anyone coming to see me."

The bell rang again and again, and then, someone began to knock loudly on the door. She took the rope off and hurried to the door and opened it, and there she saw the smiling face of a young boy. He said, "Hello! I just wanted you to know God loves you and so do I!"

As he said this, he handed her one of his tracts and asked her to please read the message from God it contained. By the time she looked at the tract and then back to him, he had gone out into the rain.

The next Sunday, the pastor finished his sermon and then asked if anyone had a praise for the Lord? In the back of the church, a little old lady slowly stood and said: "Praise the Lord for the little angel He sent to me last Sunday! I was so despondent, I had decided to hang myself, but before I could kick the chair from under me, I heard the doorbell ring. It continued to ring and then a persistent knocking and knocking, so loud I had to go and see who it was. When I opened the door, there was a beautiful young boy smiling at me and saying, 'Hello, I just wanted you to know God loves you and so do I.' He handed me one of his tracts and said, 'Please read this message from God.'

"When I looked up again, he was gone! I came here today to thank God for this miracle, this great message His little angel had brought to me. Everyone here has been so friendly and loving to me, I want to join this Church and be a member here! Praise God!

The pastor and congregation applauded as he thanked her for her wonderful words of praise. As he did, he looked down to the little boy sitting on the front pew and smiled. He said to the Lord, "Yes Lord, and thank you for this special little angel!"

And thank you for reading this little story. I hope it moved your heart as it did mine. And a special, "thank you," to the kind person who sent it to me.

One never knows when he may be talking to one of God's special angels! God bless you!