Clayton motel raid nets drug arrests

By Linda Looney-Bond


Clayton County Police say they have arrested seven people who were allegedly involved in a drug ring run out of a Motel 6 on Old Dixie Highway, and a home nearby on Catalina Court.

Five people were arrested during a raid at the motel Friday, according to Clayton County Police spokesman Officer Kevin Hughes.

Four of those arrested lived at the motel, according to Hughes. Police identified those arrested as Corey Lee, 31; Tremaine Garrison, 27; Michelle Murrell, 43; and Kristen Simmons, 41. Also arrested at the motel was Brenda Glass, 31, of an unknown address.

Henry Coffey, 51, was arrested at a Catalina Court residence, Hughes said. He did not provide the street number of the home.

"The narcotics agents had been observing the area for a while, and they made [drug] buys at both locations. They executed the warrant on both places," said Hughes.

Hughes said undercover agents bought cocaine and marijuana at the motel, and purchased cocaine at the residence. All of those arrested were charged with violation of the Controlled Substance Act, he said.

"The same guys that were selling out of the hotel, were selling out of the house," said Clayton County Police Chief Jeff Turner.

The operation was the result of a two-month investigation, Turner said.

In a related incident, police also arrested a man during a traffic stop.

"That was one of the players from the hotel. He left before we got there, so we picked him up," said Turner.

Police did not provide the man's name.

All of those arrested were taken to the Clayton County jail.

"It started out of a complaint by our citizens. It's another fine example of the community working with the police department to resolve their community problems," said Turner.