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'Ghost hunter' to
investigate Henry restaurant

By Valerie Baldowski

Chevy's Diner and Ice Cream Parlor is beginning to attract some attention unrelated to its burgers and fries.

John Quinn, director of the Georgia Historical Paranormal Society, will be at the McDonough restaurant at around 6 p.m., Sunday, to look for ghosts and paranormal activity.

Quinn said he and four others will set up surveillance equipment there, at the request of restaurant owner Erica Daniell.

"They have recorded activity there, and we're going to check it out and see what's going on," Quinn said.

Quinn and his group will not spend the night at Chevy's, but will stay for a few hours to record any activity they can, using temperature gauges, infrared light-measuring sensors, and other equipment.

Chevy's joins other area restaurants which have also experienced supernatural activity, Quinn said.

The Georgia Historical Paranormal Society has investigated activity in a number of other businesses as well as some residences, Quinn said.

"If they want the property blessed, we'll bless it on the way out," he said.

Daniell said her restaurant opened a year ago.

Although she has not had any recent sightings, she said about six months ago, she saw something unusual. "The only thing I've seen is the door to the kitchen opening by itself," she said.

Another employee there, Daniell said, saw pots and pans and other items on a shelf in the kitchen fall off, as if an unseen hand swept them away.

No one has quit because of the occurrences, although Daniell said the employee who witnessed the items fall off the shelf went home for the rest of the day.

Daniell called the Georgia Historical Paranormal Society after talking with other business owners and learning they, too, had encountered similar experiences.

"There's a lot of history in all these old buildings on the McDonough Square," she said.