Henry Police investigate alleged chop-shop

By Jason A. Smith


Henry County police officers have made the first arrest, with more expected, in the case of an alleged chop-shop operation in the area.

Trenton Dean Mallard, 24, of McDonough, was arrested Thursday. He is charged with 19 counts of theft by receiving, and one count of operating a chop shop.

The investigation is centered on activities allegedly conducted at Mallard's home, at 70 Burma Court.

According to Henry Police Capt. Jason Bolton, authorities learned about the operation Thursday, after a K-9 officer was led to the location by a Lo Jack device.

"The Lo Jack was installed on a motorcycle that had been stolen earlier that morning from another jurisdiction," said Bolton. "Numerous stolen motorcycles were discovered ..., some in various stages of disassembly. Detectives were called in to investigate the discovery."

Police believe Mallard had been buying stolen motorcycles, taking them apart, and selling the vehicles' parts online using eBay.

Bolton said 13 complete motorcycles were discovered at the home, as well as frames and motors for six other motorcycles.

Mallard was arrested and taken to the Henry County Jail. He appeared in Henry County Magistrate Court Friday morning, and his bond was set at $10,000.

The investigation is ongoing.