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Tillman third recruit for CSU

From Staff Reports

Use coupons and get paid to shop

It's no secret that I love $1 sales at the grocery store. They're one of the easiest ways to get items for free -- and who doesn't like getting something for free?

Assault weapons ban - Martha Randolph Carr

Escalating violence in Mexico and border towns in the U.S. from the growing drug trade has increased a call to reinstate the Assault Weapons Ban against some semi-automatic and automatic weapons.

Obituaries - April 22, 2009

Sen. Terrell Adamson Starr

Martha's big adventure - Random acts of kindness - Martha Randolph Carr

It's a commonly held belief that big cities are cold and unfamiliar and people go about their business rudely bustling by each other avoiding any kind of eye contact. In America, New York City is thought of as the capital of rudeness as an art form. Movies love to show cabbies with thick Queens' accents yelling at some poor slob trying to quickly waddle across the street ahead of the red light.

Pets of the Week - April 23, 2009

Indigo is one year old Shar Pei/Labrador mix. She has been spayed and all vaccinations are current. Indigo came to CCHS after being held as "evidence" in a cruelty/neglect case headed up by Animal Control. Indigo had been taken from situation where she spent day and night, tied to a cinder block, with no food, water, or shelter. Unbelievable as it may be, Indigo has continued to maintain a very sweet demeanor, but she has seemingly limitless amounts of energy. Indigo needs a home where she can run, play, and be the active dog that she now has become.....after having been so severely confined for her "puppyhood". For adoption information, please call Clayton County Humane at 770/471-9436. Visit to see other animals available for adoption.

Local karate expert prepares for competition

By Maria Jose Subiria

Arrgh diplomacy - Will Durst

It's bad enough that President Obama has to juggle two wars while scrubbing the floor of the White House trying to clean up the domestic mess left by the previous tenant, but as soon as he looks out the door, what does he see ... pirates.

Judge Carbo assists in State Courts planning meeting

Special to the Clayton News Daily

Schools, recreation department to host fitness night

Pre-kindergartners from across Clayton County, and their families, will have an opportunity to get active during a fitness event hosted this week by Clayton County Public Schools and the Clayton County Parks and Recreation Department.

Partnership offers students after-school activities

By Curt Yeomans

County establishes policy for C-TRAN changes

By Joel Hall

Tasty fare set at Boy Scouts fund-raiser

By Linda Looney-Bond